I’ve been listening to KGBI for many years. Sometimes we play it on Sundays when our family was around, most of the time it is when I am traveling in my car, especially when I have my grandbaby in the car. She loves KGBI, my greatest joy is when she is singing along. The one day Mr. Bruce was on in the afternoon and she was like they aren’t real are they Nana? I said well sure they are. She said you mean we can call right now and talk to them? I said you sure can….She was like call them please…so I called and Mr. Bruce was so nice and patient and she doesn’t normally talk to people on the phone especially people she don’t know, but she talked to Mr. Bruce. I wrote a thank you recently but I wanted ya’ll to know that meant alot to her to know the stories she hears are of real people, real lives. he asked our favorite song, we didn’t get to hear it cause we were on our way to gymnastics but we wanted you to know how appreciative we are that he took the time to answer her questions and talk to her. And to show that you are real…the stories are real. 🙂 thank you for making an impact…this is one of the many reasons I support KGBI. May the Lord bless each of you and the ministry you have in our area. HUGS and thanks from this Nana and Daniell aka Peanut
Mary M Runnion

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