Today after work I came home and had this postcard. You see 2021 has been especially rough on my family and I. In March my daughter finally got out of an abusive relationship, in April my son & daughter in love lost my granddaughter Sua, in May my Mother passed away due to COVID, we had her celebration of life the day after my 50th birthday. Then 2 days later my youngest bio-son married his high school sweetheart. Then end of June my aunt passed. Then I lost a cousin and second cousin. On November 24 I received a phone call from my sister saying our little brother passed away unexpectedly of massive heart attack just 4 days after his 4ith Birthday. I’ve been so up and down with emotions and not knowing if I’m doing all the right things. I prayed for God to show me what to do or if I was on the right path as somedays I feel so alone. Well I truly believe this was a sign that everything is going to be alright. Thank you Ben & KGBI for sending this at just the right time!

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