My good friend Chuck from High School introduced me to my husband nearly 38 years ago. Mark and I have been married now for 36 years. It turns out that my husband had been praying for God to send his “wife” (whoever she was) to him. During that time in my life, I was convinced that I was supposed to have a career in musical theater. However, the Lord started speaking to me and told me I had two paths to choose from. One was seeking a career in musical theater, but offered no husband or children,. The other was devoid of any musical theater, but included a husband and children, and most importantly a recommitment to Jesus. I cried for three weeks every night, but I finally gave up my dream, decided to follow Christ, and it was absolutely the right choice! After Mark and I were introduced and I started going to his church, I lost all interest in pursuing what I earlier had thought was my passion in life. I now had a new passion! -My renewed walk with Christ! And then, after 2 years of seeing Mark at the many youth group prayer meetings and get togethers at the church, my husband asked me out on a first date. I did not tell him that God told me he was to be my husband and I didn’t need to. It turned out that he couldn’t wait! He asked me to marry him that very night! Chuck ended up being a groomsman in our wedding and was our good friend for many years. Unfortunately he recently passed away from heart complications on December 16, 2021. I sang and Mark played guitar at Chuck’s “Celebration of Life” Service. We all had shared a love for music (instrumental and vocal musicians) and it was only fitting that we perform at Chuck’s funeral. Chuck was an incredible performer on piano, and vocals. We certainly miss him as a friend and will miss hearing him perform his genius talents on the piano. The testimony I want to convey though, is that the Lord took away my grief and gave me the ability to perform flawlessly and with great joy during a very sad time….Chuck had given his life to Jesus, and though we miss him dearly, we now rejoice in his graduation to heaven. (Chuck is the next to last person on the right in photo)

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