My story of “spiritual rejuvenation” began in the Spring of 2019 when I felt led to relocate back to Ohio to be closer to my Step-Dad, who was moved to a Nursing Home in the summer of 2017 when my Mom passed. My intent was to be in Ohio until my Step-Dad passed as I didn’t want him to be alone (he is immobile but healthy, but he was alone).

While in Ohio, I worked in Akron and worked part time as a Pizza Delivery Driver to cover some of the extra expenses (my Wife and adult Children remained in Nebraska and I stayed at our childhood house in Ohio). I attended my Childhood Church and was able to visit my Step-Dad every day after work and took our Miniature Dauschund (who we had just adopted from a Local Nebraska Animal Shelter) to visit him every Saturday.

While in Ohio, I was also prompted of the Lord to begin listening to Christian Radio while I delivered Pizza. I found a station and listened every time I was in the car. The Lord then began to work and soften my Spirit once again. The Lord’s word, in Song, began a wonderful Spiritual Transformation in my Heart.

My Plans to stay in Ohio were changed when COVID hit as the Nursing Home was closed to Visitors and my visits were limited to FaceTime visits. My wife and I agreed it best I return to Nebraska and continue the FaceTime visits from home. I returned to Nebraska and found a job locally,

As a result of the Lord’s Spiritual Transformation in My Heart, I had a renewed Love for my Wife and Family. We resumed the Partnership that God intended for us almost 36 years ago now, and we began Dating again. I continue to “Deliver the Dough”, part time, for a local Pizza Parlor to fund our Date Nights, but, more importantly, I continue to listen the the Lord’s Word in Song on KGBI, 100.7. It is on 100.7 in the car and streaming at work and home. We became first time Team 40 sponsors this past year and could not be happier.

Thank You, KGBI, for your Ministry.



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