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Mark’s story

My story of “spiritual rejuvenation” began in the Spring of 2019 when I felt led to relocate back to Ohio to be closer to my Step-Dad, who was moved to a Nursing Home in the summer of 2017 when my Mom passed. My intent was to be in Ohio until my Step-Dad passed as I didn’t want him to be alone (he is immobile but healthy,…

Sherri’s story

Listening to you talk about relationships and thought I’d share my experience… My husband and I came from totally different backgrounds: he was one of two, I have 7 siblings; he grew up on a farm, I visited a farm once; he was quiet and somewhat shy, let’s just say I was not known for being either; he was Lutheran,…

Ellen’s story

My good friend Chuck from High School introduced me to my husband nearly 38 years ago. Mark and I have been married now for 36 years. It turns out that my husband had been praying for God to send his “wife” (whoever she was) to him. During that time in my life, I was convinced that I was supposed to have a career in musical theater.…

Donna’s story

Today after work I came home and had this postcard. You see 2021 has been especially rough on my family and I. In March my daughter finally got out of an abusive relationship, in April my son & daughter in love lost my granddaughter Sua, in May my Mother passed away due to COVID, we had her celebration of life the day after my 50th birthday.…

Cesiah’s story

My son’s name is Zachary and he is 6 years old. He loves to listen to KGBI and to sing all the songs. While driving in the car one day and listening to “Scars in heaven” he started looking at his arms and said: Mom, when I am in heaven all my scars on my arms and legs will be gone because God will give me new skin and he will…

Riley’s story

I am a third grade teacher at a public school, and today was just a really tough day. This morning during my plan time I wanted to break down and start crying but I told myself to ask Jesus to be with me. I took a few deep breaths and told him what was going on and just asked Him what I could do in order to fix it. The rest of the morning was a little…

Diane’s story

I lost my dad last December. Due to Covid I had not been able to visit him in person for almost a year. The last thing I know he heard me say was “I love you”. Even though he was never able to say those words to us kids, I know he did love us, with his whole heart. Every once and awhile I get emotional thinking about him being gone.…

Mary’s story

I’ve been listening to KGBI for many years. Sometimes we play it on Sundays when our family was around, most of the time it is when I am traveling in my car, especially when I have my grandbaby in the car. She loves KGBI, my greatest joy is when she is singing along. The one day Mr. Bruce was on in the afternoon and she was like they aren’t…

Abiageal’s story

I turned on 100.7 kgbi and the song God only knows. God talked to me…

Sherry’s story

My 15 year old son and I are going through a very nasty and devastating divorce right now and when I can turn on KGBI and hear the music it lifts me and encourages me so much! I have the station played in my car, work vehicles all times and a radio at home with it on 24/7.…

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