Hi, I’m Lindsay! I LOVE Omaha! The military moved my family here in 2001, and I can’t say I’ll ever want to leave! I’m married to the amazing Dave (who can play any instrument you give him, and wears an epic beard) and am momma to two very unique, very creative, very LOUD kiddos. They might take after their parents a little bit. I love every second I get to spend with each and every one of them – and our two dogs, Dozer and Lulu, too!

I love art and music, making it, watching it, listening to it, cheering for it, and raising my hands to praise Jesus for ALL of it, even and ESPECIALLY when life’s roller coaster gets a little chaotic. I’m so happy to get to share life on the radio now with you, and am excited to get to know you more! Thank you for letting me be a part of your fam!