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Yup … we’re that crazy married couple who works together and gets to hang out with you every weekday from 6–10 am on Life 100.7!

Jill grew up in central Illinois, and Jeremy’s from the Washington DC area. We met at a radio station in Charlotte, NC, and have always worked together. Another fun fact? We met each other AND our daughter on the same day. Alyssa was born January 10, which is the exact day we met six years earlier. In the Tracey house, you’ll also find a lovable puppers named Solo (yes, like Han) and a sweet tabby named Tibby.

One thing we’re not? Perfect. Not even close. We aren’t perfect, our marriage isn’t perfect, and our show isn’t perfect … except when you’re part of it! We’re just two imperfect people who love God and love to celebrate what He’s doing in our lives and in yours too! Give us a call or shoot us a text at (402) 342-5424. We love talking with you!

Now back to our Chipotle and Apple TV+…

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